Panorama Antennas

Established in 1947 in London, Panorama are the leading supplier of in vehicle smart antennas around the world. Our success is built on understanding the evolving needs of the ever increasing demand for complex communication systems in vehicles, combined with our extensive R&D facilities as well as invaluable experience gained over many decades.

Panorama has a complete range of MiMo multi-function antennas solutions which are easy to install thereby reducing installation costs as well as improving the residual value of the vehicle. Our extensive range addresses every requirement from a simple GPS/LTE/4G one off customer to a 9 in 1 complex solution requiring 4 x MiMo 4G/LTE, GPS/GNSS and 4 x MiMo Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz across a fleet.

Panorama continues to develop new products, especially for the upcoming deployment of 5G networks worldwide, to ensure that we are at the forefront of being able to deliver higher performance and cost effective antenna solutions.