We develop, manufacture and sell equipment and products such as mounts and brackets in cars, trucks, buses, boats, aeroplanes, means all driving vehicle environments.

Zirkona’s mounts or barakets consist in part of finished products for the installation of computers, PC’s, tablet PC’s or other monitors for mobile units, and in part of installation systems for industrial and many other fields.

Zirkona has also developed a unique ball joint, Zirkona Joiner, which has a patent pending on the world market; this is available as a component in most of our products and systems.

Our quest is always to be one step ahead of the competition with continual improvements in function and design. This gives us the motivation every day to find new areas of use for our products.

Zirkona’s vision is to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers within this niche market. We will attain this goal through the progressive development of the products keeping function, ergonomics and safety in mind.